“12 Holy Nights” Challenge

to fully embody your Divine Feminine expression

A Magical Challenge to align your Soul and co-create your soulplan for 2023 from your Divine Feminine Powers

Join me and some of my dearest Soul Sisters for 12 Nights, as we co-create a magical vortex for a higher frequency of love, abundance, magic, joy, and spiritual alignment.

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

The free challenge will be held from 24th of December 2022 until the 7th of January 2023

co-creating with the wisdom that lives inside of you!!

This is how we will roll

Three pillars are set up for you to turn on the Divine Feminine Expression of your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit that will connect you to the gift and the vortex of the 12 Holy Nights.

12 Mornings

Pillar 1:

Love Prompts

In the morning there are beautiful prompts for you to love on, in your own sacred time and space, to feel into what the night has given you and to receive this gift within yourself.

Have you received angel whisperers or loving guidance from your muse? Maybe it was clear, maybe it didn’t made sense, but we are still holding space for whatever your soul wants you to become aware of. No pressure what so all.

It’s a time to drink in the gift and store it somewhere that might be there for you as a gentle guidance to your soul, for these next 12 months to come.

12 Nights

Pillar 2:

Guiding-healing-sacred-coding Meditations, Visualizations, and Songs

Every night before you go to sleep a guiding, Healing, Sacred Coding Meditation, Visualization, or Song will be there for you to listen to, that will guide you into the Vortex of each of the 12 Holy Nights. 

12 Days

Pillar 3:

Divine Feminine Mystery teachings and Sacred Circle

Come into the warmth of the circle and fill your cup with the teachings, wisdom, power, and joy of the Divine Feminine shared with you by me and your other Soul Sisters.

I have hardly experienced anything so powerful and deeply transformative as a group of women who come together, willing to share with each other the deep wisdom, mysteries, art, and joy that each of them carries within themselves.

These 12 days have a rhythm in them that will gently guide you towards yourself.

In the presence of other women, we can soften and surrender to the fullness of who we are. We can become honest, and we find the courage to be seen and heard.

For 12 days you will be taken into a journey that can set your foundation for the 12 months to come and manifest a sacred alignment with your soul’s voice and your full divine feminine and masculine expression.

The gift of the 13th Day and Night

Pillar 4:

Bringing it all together and create a Divine Feminine way soul plan for 2023

This Dreaming your Future into Existence part will be a bit of mystery for now. Our mind is so freaking noisy and curious and is so much influenced by the Control spirit that runs this world that I have decided to not talk about this amazing extra day.

All you need to know for now is that there will be an extra day, a 13th day and night.

Completely in alignment with the mysteries of the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom. And that it will probably make you pretty lit up from the insight out!

HI, I am Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain!

If you don’t know me and wondering why you should you even read this and listen to what I have created for us here, then let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a singer and an artist who expresses and voices the Divine Feminine mysteries and powers.  

I am the founder of Liberate & Express, a method that helps spiritual feminine leaders, Sacred Rebels, to step into their full expression, become visible leaders, be heard, and create the change their soul is pulling them towards, without burnout and overwhelm, by turning on their radiant gifts, acknowledging their live lessons, and authentically connect with their transformational Voice of Change from a place of deep and unconditional self-love and spiritual, heart-led, leadership.

I live in the Netherlands in the middle of nature from where I work (online and offline) with my international and national based clients and live a joyful and soul aligned authentic life, in communication with nature, the spiritual realms, and the people I love and care for.

Between 1998 and now I have taught and coached hundreds of teens and adults (professionals and amateurs) to uncover and find and their voice in singing, in speaking, and within their Feminine Leadership, on the stage and within their relationship, career, and in their calling.

I was a music teacher and choir director at a Waldorf high school before I founded and led a spiritual culture center and a holistic beauty and wellness institute. Later, my husband and I also founded a biodynamic horticulture, an organic food and wellness store, and an organic farmers market. I went on an founded an international voice, visibility, and feminine leadership coaching business.

In 2020 I had my awakening soul night after which I knew it was time to stop holding back my most precious gifts in my life’s work. I brought in my spiritual shamanic capacities, the gifts of Theta healing and my other energetic healing gifts, the Sacred Feminine Sensual Embodiment Arts of the Dakini mysteries that I was initiated in, and the anthroposophical inspired Werbeck ‘uncovering the voice’ singing pedagogy.

I create healing, light coded, music with my singing voice, and I initiate others in the remembrance of all those gifts that they have within themselves as well. 

For many years I had felt the need to ‘fit in’ , hoping to belong. I acted smaller than I am, and burned myself out people pleasing and pushing my way into ‘making it happen’, an attitude that almost completely turned off my connection with my own spirit and shrank my life force. Still it was very clear that I never had the soul design to follow the norm.

I am at heart a trailblazer, here to make a stand for unconditional love and the truth and power of our full soul expression.

It took myself many years to say “yes” to all of me and to create a life and business that is truly based upon trusting the call and wisdom of my own soul, in co-creation and alignment with Source, my Spirit team, and my soul family.

When I look around me, I see so many women and man acknowledging and remembering themselves and their true light and power. And it fills me with joy and gratitude.

What can I say? There is so much change around us, but the biggest change comes from within us, when we take up our own soul aligned leadership and learn to love on every aspect of ourselves.

This Challenge invites you to bring the fullness of you into the vortex of these 12 holy nights and give it your unconditional love.

I invite you to say Yes to the guidance and evolution of your soul for this upcoming year.

When you have a longing to bring all of your precious Self into this new year, then know that your Soul has been calling you to be here, within this vortex of the 12 Holy Nights.

What do you Say?

Are you ready to gently remember and lovinly invite all of you into 2023?  To let go of expectations that do not serve you, and to hear the loving whispers of angels guiding you on your unique life path?

Yes, bring me to the "12 Holy Nights" Challenge!



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